Nanoscale Materials & Device Research Group Members Present at IIRW

NMDG electrical engineering undergraduate students Shane Pugmire, Shem Purnell and Blake Rapp recently attended the International Integrated Reliability Workshop with research advisor Dr. Bill Knowlton. Blake presented work on Au-nanoparticle decorated DNA origami nanotubes and Shem and Shane on negative bias temperature instabilities (NBTI) at cryogenic temperatures. Former NMDG member Dr. Ricki Southwick, of the National Institute of Standards and Measurements (NIST), presented research on NBTI with NMDG group members Pugmire, Purnell, Rapp, Dr. Bill Knowlton, Dr. Jason Ryan of NIST, and collaborators Dr. Tibor Grasser of Technical University of Vienna and Dr. Ben Kaczer of imec in Leuven, Belgium.

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