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Fun Science and Engineering Events Engage Young Students

Fun Science and Engineering Events Engage Young Students

IMG_1873February 6, 2016 – Close to 7000 happy faces – Future SCIENTISTS and ENGINEERS attended this year’s Engineering and Science Festival!  Participants had an opportunity to meet former astronaut Steve Swanson, now a distinguished educator in residence at Boise State. They also experienced a number of exhibitions, demonstrations and hands on activities, including the Surface Science Lab open-house.

Thank you to our student volunteers in the Surface Science Lab, Kari Livingston, Katie Yocham, Lance Patten, Jesse Schimpf, Brett Ward, Steven Letourneau, Sadao Takabayashi, and Brittany Cannon for helping make this one of the largest outreach events to date!

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Here are a few stats.

  • 500 attended the Steve Swanson presentation
  • 500 watched David Rush become World’s Fastest 5-Ball Juggler
  • 2,000 bags were given away
  •  2,500+ programs were provided
  • 2,000 pieces of candy were given away at the Future City/Mathcounts table
  • 700 hovercrafts were made at the SWE activity
  • 400 3D printed Bs were given away by 3pm
  • 500+ visited the Geoscience exhibits and Liquid Nitrogen Volcanoes
  • 300 LED wearables were made by 12noon at the IEEE activity
  • 630 BristleBots were made at the Reuseum activity
  • 200 people learned about Tumblewings with Rich Stowell
  • 425 Catapults were built
  • 600 enjoyed the Dr. Picklestein Chemistry presentations
  • 223 children, and 141 adults participated in Jelly Bean Binary
  • 312 Tie Dye Bandanas were made in Chromatography



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