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Distinguished Visitors

The Nanoscale Materials & Device group has been honored to have the following distinguished visitors tour our labs:

Dr. Erik Winfree, Professor of Computer Science




Dr. Paul Rothemund, Senior Research Associate




Fritz Simmel, Full Professor for Experimental Physics (Chair of Bioelectronics)

Technische Universität München



Dr. Doug Osheroff, Physics Nobeleaureate , J.G. Jackson and C.J. Wood Professorship in Physics

Stanford University



Dr. John Reif, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science

Trinity College of Arts and Sciences

Duke University


Nadrian SeemanNadrian Seeman, Professor, Department of Chemistry

New York University



Don_EiglerDon Eigler, Former IBM fellow

IBM’s Almaden Research Center



peng_yin.pagePeng Yin

Wyss Institute, Harvard University



PierceNiles Pierce