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Reza M. Zadegan

Research focus: Nucleic Acid Memory (NAM)

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Office: ERB 2167, Tel: (208) 426 5677, E-mail:

Reza M. Zadegan

Laboratory expertise: DNA nanotechnology and origami methods and Molecular biology methods such as cloning, PCR, qPCR, DNA/RNA extraction, enzymatic RNA synthesis, radio-labeled nucleic acid methods, magnetic immunoassay, electrophoresis, plasmid and single stranded phage preparation, DNA sequencing, in-vitro transcription/translation, transformation, basic viral techniques, general microbiology and basic cell culture, protein isolation/purification, some immunological techniques, nucleic acid hybridization, ELISA, FRET …

Microscopy (sample figures @ AFM, SEM, Fluorescent microscope, TEM (basic)

Others: Typhoon scanner, Zetasizer, GenePix, Fluorometer, Spectrophotometer, MALDI mass spectrometry (basic), HPLC (basic), southern blot (basic), northern blot (basic)

Computer and Molecular Modeling Skills

Programming and scripting: C#, Python, HTML, PHP (basic), MATLAB (basic)

Chemical, DNA technology and AFM Software: HyperChem including AMBER and Mm+ packages (I have a hand in Nucleic acids molecular modeling), Expert in NanoEngineer, cadnano, SARSE and good at Gwyddion, SPIP, PicoView

Software for analyzing genes and Biological Software: VMD, NTSYSpc, BioEdit, CLC Work Bench, Lab Image, Vector NTI, ImageJ ….

Computer graphic: Cinema 4D (3D design), Blender (3D design), Photoshop, UleadCool3D, Ulead Photo Impact, Ulead Video Studio…


List of done projects at

  • Internet webpage: FrontPage/SharePoint/Expression, HTML, PHP
  • Server and Database establishment: Linux, Apache + MySQL
  • SEO and site development

Representative Publications and Presentations

Selected Publications

“NAM — Nucleic Acid Memory,” Victor Zhirnov, Reza M. Zadegan, Gurtej S. Sandhu, George M. Church, William L. Hughes, [Submitted to Nature Materials].

“Construction of a Fuzzy and Boolean Logic Gates Based on DNA,” Reza M. Zadegan, Mette B. Jepsen, Lasse L Hildebrandt, Victoria Birkedal, Jørgen Kjems, Small 2012 11 (15), 1811-1817.

“Constructionof a 4 Zeptoliters Switchable 3D DNA Box Origami,” Reza M. Zadegan, Mette B. Jepsen, Karen E. Thomsen, Anders H. Okholm, David H. Schaffert, Ebbe S. Andersen, Victoria Birkedal, Jørgen Kjems, ACS Nano 2012, 6(11); 10050-10053.

“Structural DNA nanotechnology: from design to applications,” Reza M. Zadegan and Michael L. Norton,International journal of Molecular Sciences 2012, 13(6); 7149-7162.

“A DNA Tile Actuator with Eleven Discrete States,” Zhao Zhang, Eva M. Olsen, Mille Kryger, Niels. V. Voigt, Thomas Tørring, Eda Gültekin, Morten Nielsen, Reza M. Zadegan, Ebbe Andersen, Jørgen Kjems, Victoria Birkedal and Kurt Gothelf, Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2011, 50(17); 3983–3987. [Hot paper]

“DNA-templated gold nanowires,” Reza M. zadegan, Hassan Mohabatkar, Mohammad Hossein Sheikhi, Afsaneh Safavi and Mahmood Barati Khajoueee, Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 2008, 41 (1); 142-145.


Invited Talks

“Towards Mastering at the Nanoscale,” Feb 2014, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho, USA.

“Logic gated DNA origamis and their upstream applications,” Nov 2013, Sharif University, Tehran, Iran.

“DNA nanotechnology and its applications,” Jan 2012, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran.

“Who controls the box, controls the nanobiofuturama,” Jan 2012, Sharif University, Tehran, Iran.

“Towards controlling DNA origami structure,” Jan 2012, NIGEB, Tehran, Iran