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Xiaoping Olson

Graduate Research Assistant

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Xiaoping received her B.E and M.E in Materials Science and Engineering. She did two years graduate research on fabricating on-chip capacitor and nanowire mediated hyperthermia for cancer treatment at University of Idaho. She joined Boise State University in Fall 2012 and is currently working with the Nanoscale Materials and Device Group.

Instruments and Techniques

Scanning electron microscopes (AMRAY 1830)

X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopes (JEOL 1200)

IVIS Imaging system

Leitz Light Microscopy

RF signal generator (RAMSEY RSG-1000B)

AJA sputtering machine

Cary Eclipse Spectrophotometer

Eppendorf BioPhotometer Plus

Eppendorf Mastercycler Personal


Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

Daniel S. Choi, Xiaoping Che, Rosemarie Kringel, Jungrae Park In Tak Jeon and Young Keun Kim. Mangetically Driven Spinning Nanowires as Effective Materials for Eradicating Living Cells. J. Appl. Phys. 111, 07B329 2012.

Yunlong Chang, Xiaoping Che, Youyou He and Guangxu Hu. Influence of Longitudinal Magnetic Field on Metal Transfer in MIG Arc welding. China Welding: 17 (02) P27-31 2008.

Yunlong Chang, Xu Yang, Xiaoping Che and Duo Li. Grain refinement and improved properties through electromagnetic stirring in Al alloy MIG welds. China Welding: 17 (03) P77-78 2008.

Yunlong Chang, Xiaoping Che, Jingya Li and Xu Yang. Effect of External Magnetic field on Metal transfer of MIG Welding and its Microstructure and Properties of Weld. Welding & Jointing: (10) 2008.

Conference Publications

None at this time.

Conference Presentations and Posters

Xiaoping Olson, Shohei Kotani, Sara Goltry, Natalya Hallstrom, Elton Graugnard, and William L. Hughes, A Leak-Reduction Technique for DNA Strand Displacement Circuits, poster presentation at the 2013 19th annual International Conference on DNA Computing and Molecular Programming (DNA19) (Tempe, Arizona; September 22-27, 2013).

Xiaoping Che, Kyle Fickenwirth, Rosemarie Kringel, Dominic Nwoke, Mohamed Islam, Zhikan Zhang, and Jamie Hass. Magnetically Mediated Destruction of Tumors by Hyperthermia Using Engineered Nanowires. 19th Annual Engineering Design EXPO (University of Idaho). Excellent Poster Award

Ke Xu, Dominic Nwoke, Victor Wolemiwa, Xiaoping Che, Nikunja Shrestha, Darren Greer, and Daniel Choi. Fabrication and Characterization of Silver Nanowire-based on-chip Capacitor for Integrated Power Circuit. IEEE Workshop on Microelectronics and Electron Devices. Excellent Poster Award 2012.