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NSF MRI Awarded for Controlled-Environment AFM

August 24, 2017 –  The National Science Foundation awarded $624,000 to Boise State University for a controlled-environment atomic force microscope (AFM). The team was led by researchers in the Micron School of Materials Science & Engineering and included Profs. Elton … (Read More) NSF MRI Awarded for Controlled-Environment AFM

Test 1

asdasdf (Read More) Test 1

Hands-on fire safety training

March 10, 2016 – Randy Bunnis and Chris Siepert from Environmental Health/Safety & Sustainabilty gave the Nanoscale Materials & Device group training on fire extinguishers. After a classroom lecture, they moved to the hands-on practice session.  They discussed when to use a fire … (Read More) Hands-on fire safety training