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Transport Characterization Laboratory

Our transport characterization laboratory consists of two Keithley characterization systems, an Agilent system, and variable temperature probing capabilities.

W. M. Keck Foundation nanoEngineering Lab

The W.M. Keck NanoEngineering Laboratory is uniquely positioned to support DNA nanotechnology research.  The lab is equipped with low temperature storage facilities, DNA-based processing equipment and fluorescence imaging systems.

Surface Science Lab

The Surface Science Lab is equipped with a table top scanning electron microscope (SEM) and 4 Bruker atomic force microscopes (AFMs) capable of a variety of scanning probe microscopy techniques invaluable for interdisciplinary research on material systems and devices. The newest addition to the lab is a Bruker Dimension Icon FastScan AFM system equipped with advanced nanoelectrical characterization capabilities housed in an inert atmosphere MBraun glovebox.

Nanophotonics Lab

The Nanophotonics Lab includes a number of CW and pulsed lasers with pulse lengths ranging from mode-locked 30 fs to Q-switched 2 ns. The tunable ultrafast sources cover visible to near infrared wavelengths through the use of optical parametric oscillators or amplifiers (OPOs or OPAs). Experimental capabilities include ultrafast pump-probe (transient absorption) spectroscopy and super-resolution microscopy.

Research and Information Center

The Research and Information Center houses computer workstations for research use along with a Linux database server and a high powered, parallel processing workstation.

Atomic Films Laboratory


The Atomic Films Laboratory is a state of the art thin film deposition and measurement laboratory. It features two atomic layer deposition systems, a physical deposition system, and a UHV STM.

Other Laboratories

Our group uses the capabilities of other Boise State laboratories such as the Idaho Microfabrication Laboratory and the Boise State Center for Materials Characterization.