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Atomic Films Laboratory


The Atomic Films Laboratory is a state of the art thin film deposition and measurement laboratory. It features two atomic layer deposition systems, a physical deposition system, and a UHV STM.

Location:ALD Boise State B

Micron Engineering Center
1020 S Manitou Ave, Boise ID 83706
Room 104


If you have any questions please contact Elton Graugnard


Elton Graugnard, PhDAssistant ProfessorALD, SPM, DNA-nanotechology
Jeunghoon Lee, PhDAssociate ProfessorNanoparticle Synthesis and Functionalization, DNA-nanotechnology
Steven Hues, PhDAffiliate FacultySurface Science, Ultra-high Vacuum Systems
Natalya Hallstrom, PhDLab ManagerAtomic Layer Deposition
Steven LetourneauGraduate Research Assistant (PhD)Atomic Layer Deposition Process Development
William CrowUndergraduate Research AssistantApplication of Atomic Layer Deposition
Sara GoltryGraduate Research Assistant (PhD)Atomic Layer Deposition Process Development
Tyler WebbUndergraduate Research AssistantSynthesis and Characterization of 2D Materials
Jake SoaresGraduate Research Assistant (MS/PhD)Ultra-high Vacuum Systems, Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Atomic Layer Deposition


Atomic Layer Deposition Systems

Arraidiance GEMStar XT

  • Benchtop Atomic Layer Deposition System
  • 150 mm wafer capacity
  • Chamber temperature 300 C

Arradiance Website

Tube Furnace ALD

  • Home-built tube furnace ALD
  • NI/Python computer control system: electronic temperature, valve, and gas flow control
  • Up to four chemical delivery paths with individual MFCs controlling carrier gas flow
  • Integrated Inficon Transpector 2 Compact Process Monitor (link)
  • Ability to isolate reaction allows for full-flow, flow-divert and pulse-hold-purge modes of operation
  • Corrosive and toxic gas cross-purge assemblies installed for up too two chemicals

Physical Deposition Systems

“Kyle See”

  • Home-built PVD system
  • Base system pressure: 10^-9 Torr
  • Dual targets with DC and RF plasma capabilities

Scanning Probe Systems


stm1-omicon stm1-omicon-chamber
  • Omicron UHV STM 1 with eddy current vibration isolation system
  • Integrated with an all digital RHK R9 module, including a PMC100 piezo motor controller
  • Pressure achieved: 10^-11 Torr
  • Prep chamber with: electrochemical cells, annealer, cleaver, and cryo shield

Past Researchers (click to expand)

  • 2014 Summer REU Student, Michael Reinisch, University of Arkansas
  • 2014 – 2015 Undergraduate Researcher, Griffith Allen, Boise State University
  • 2015 Summer REU Student, Andreas Savva, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • 2015 Summer REU Student, Jonathan Chen, San Jose State University
  • 2015 Summer REU Student, Gabriel Hanson, Saint John’s University
  • 2014 – 2017 Graduate Researcher, Amanda Strong, Boise State University

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