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Research Areas

Gate Oxide Studies

The oxide reliability team uses state of the art semiconductor characterization equipment to assess the reliability of the gate dielectric in cutting edge semiconductor devices, from both Silicon (SiO2) and High-K (HfO2) material systems.

DNA Nanotechnology

The DNA Nanotech team is conducting research in several areas including investigating the nanomechanical properties of biomaterials using scanning probe microscopy, and molecular electronics.

Multi-Dielectric Band Diagram Program

Our research group has developed an easy to use interactive simulation tool for complex multilayer dielectric MOS and MIM devcies, useful for visualizing approximations of energy band diagrams, and performing back-of-the-envelope calculations of important parameters.


The Nanophotonics Team conducts research on photonic nanostructures and passive / active surface plasmon devices. We examine both time resolved and spectroscopic phenomena. Our research tools can be found on the Nanophotonics Lab website.

Ni-Mn-Ga Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys

We collaborate with Professor Peter Müllner’s Group at Boise State. We examine the surface topology of NiMnGa at the nanoscale including crystallographic orientation, magnetic properties and nanomechanical behavior.

3D Tech. for Advanced Sensor Systems

A collaboration between our group, RTI International and NCSU focused on: advanced metal-metal interconnects, development of process technology for through silicon interconnects, 3D passives, and applications of through silicon vias (TSV) to advanced sensors.