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Sam Ryan

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Bishop Kelly High School

Sam joined the lab on a volunteer basis in early summer 2016 following his freshman year in high school. Sam currently attends Bishop Kelly High School. He hopes to continue with research in the SSL for the remainder of his high school career, and possibly beyond.

Sam is certified on the SSL’s Dimension 3100 series AFM. He is currently focused on surface roughness and topography (step height) measurements to characterize the deposition and growth of thin films via ALD (atomic layer deposition). The goal of this project is to develop thin layer biocompatible anti-corrosion coatings for lightweight, high strength aluminum and magnesium alloys. He is also involved in computational modeling of Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM) surface potential measurements.

Instruments and Techniques

  • Atomic Force and Surface Probe Microscopy (AFM/SPM)
    • Topography and Surface Roughness Analysis
      • PeakForce
      • Tapping


Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

Coming soon.

Conference Presentations and Posters

Coming soon.